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Lancaster Barnstormers
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P O Box 2135
Lancaster, Pa. 17608-2135

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If you choose to drop off some items for the team, please drop it in the box office and just let them know it is for the team. The team always enjoys some extra things to snack on. Following is the list for 2024:

Sour Patch Kids
Swedish Fish
Hot Tamales
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Munch N Crunch
Blue Raspberry Sour Belts
Hershey's Cookies & Cream
Uncrustables (with strawberry jelly)
100 Grand
Venison Jerky
Gummy Bears
Cow Tails
Tropical Gushers
Cinnamon Toast Crunch (cereal)
Protein Bars
Beef Jerky
Dried Mangos
Airhead Extreme Bites
Peanut M & Ms
Dark Chocolate (Wilbur, Hershey's or Dove) - side note, this is can always just drop something off at the booth if you wish.

Not on the list, but other ideas are individual packs of chips (the assorted boxes/bags), Lance Crackers, Oreos, Fig Newtons, Cheese Its, granola bars, fruit (apples, bananas, oranges - if you choose melons, please leave them uncut, then the clubbie can cut them up when the guys want them). We do suggest if you are bringing fruit in, please be sure to do so at the beginning of a homestand.

Thank you! The Team thanks you, too!

4/9 – Board Meeting 6:30 pm.
4/20 – Fan Fest 12:00 pm.
4/29 – Pack lunch bags

5/2 – Wrap Hot Dog 7 a.m.
5/2 – Hand out lunches
5/4 – Raffle Table (including quilt)
5/4 – Sub Forms Due
5/13 – Sub Pick up 5:00 pm.
5/14 – General Meeting 6:30 pm.
5/20 – Pack Lunch Bags
5/23 – Wrap Hot Dogs 7 a.m.
5/23 – Hand out lunches
5/31-6/6 – Buddy Gifts

5/31-6/ 6 – Buddy Gifts
6/4 – Player of the Month Presentation and High Five Tunnel
6/11 – Board Meeting 6:30
6/15 – Raffle Table
6/25-6/30 – Buddy Gifts

7/8 – Pack Lunch Bags
7/10 – Player of the Month & High Five
7/11 – Wrap Hot Dogs 7 a.m.
7/11 – Hand Out Lunches
7/16 – General Meeting 6:30
7/19-7/25 – Buddy Gifts
7/25 – Raffle Table

8/13 – Player of the Month & High Five
8/17 – Raffle Table
8/20 – Board Meeting 6:30
8/25 – Buddy Reveal Meal Post-Game

9/10 – Player of the Month & High Five
9/14 – Raffle Table
9/17 – General Meeting

10/8 -Board Meeting 6:30

11/12 – General (Annual) Meeting 6:30

12/10 – Board Meeting 6:30

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