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The Lancaster Barnstormers Baseball Booster Club is an independent, not-for-profit organization that works with the approval, support, and cooperation of the Lancaster Barnstormers team management. The Lancaster Barnstormers Booster Club and the Lancaster Barnstormers Professional Baseball Club are independent organizations who share no legal or fiscal assets and/or liabilities. This Booster Club organization is created to promote and support the activities of the Lancaster Barnstormers Professional Baseball Team and Atlantic League Baseball. It will promote a spirit of good sportsmanship, camaraderie, friendship, and mutual respect among its members, fans, and the Lancaster Barnstormers. We encourage attendance and participation at the Lancaster Barnstormers games and other scheduled activities.  The goals of the organization are as follows:          

  • Provide loyal support of the Lancaster Barnstormers Professional Baseball Team. Loyal support is defined as, cheering on the team in an appropriate manner, assisting with player needs such as meals, household items, transportation, etc.

  • Provide an enjoyable, healthy, and safe environment and encourage courtesy at all Booster Club activities and events.

  • Incorporate social activities to foster team spirit and build morale.

  • Be involved with charitable organizations in the community.


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